Nandi South locals oppose change of site for the law court.

Residents of Nandi South have opposed the change of construction site for the proposed law court in the region in Aldai Constituency.

The proposed Aldai Law Court was set to be constructed in Kobujoi before another site was changed to Kaptumo.

On Thursday, locals held a peaceful protest demanding that the earlier decision to have the structure set up in Kobujoi be upheld.

The residents claimed some political leaders had influenced the belated changes made after a public participation exercise had been concluded.

“During the public participation process, Aldai residents agreed to have the law court in Kobujoi, but it is shocking to find out that the facility is being relocated to Kaptumo. We will not accept the move,” said Japhet Magut, a resident.

They called upon the leaders in the area to equally distribute and adhere the legal processes including public participation.
“Kaptumo is nearer to Kapsabet where there is a magistrate’s court. Kobujoi was convenient for other locals coming from far-flung areas such Kemeloi, Marava, Kabwarang and Terik,” said Magut.

The residents called upon the judiciary to intervene and assist them in getting justice by degazetting the notice.

“Most projects have been done in Kaptumo like the Kenya Medical and Training College (KMTC) and factories,” he said.

Deputy county commissioner John Tanui assured the residents that they will look into the matter.

“The purpose of bringing the court within is to ensure that government service should be near the locals and therefore we talked and decided that the law court will be in Kobujoi,” said Tanui.

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