Water company on the spot over shoddy work.

Residents and leaders from Tindiret sub county have criticised the management of Kapsabet Nandi Water and Sanitation Company(KANAWASCO) for doing a shoddy work in the area.

In a public participation with the locals the leaders led by area Member of Parliament Julius Meli, area MCA and Kipkurui Chepkwony and North Rift Economic Blog (NOREB) CEO Dominic Biwot were unhappy with KANAWASCO through the county government saying that the residents lack access to water due to poor work by the management.

“We are very disappointed with what the contractor has done. So far he has used a lot of money yet the residents do not have water. I want to ask the county government to supervise the work and ensure the locals receive water,” Said Meli.

They also accused the contractor for exchanging water pipes with the old ones.

“We have noticed that the pipes that was expected to be used are not the ones used. I want to warn the county workers from COs to procurement to stay away from corruption and supervise the work given. We want to tell the county that when they allocate money to a certain project they should supervise and ensure that the work is done as expected,” Said Chepkwony.

They called upon the locals to form a serious committee that will ensure that the project is well done.

“The project management needs capacity building to be able to deliver their duty accordingly. I also propose election of a functional committee that is expanded to reflect the area of the project. People elected must have demonstrated performance in delivery of public projects,” said Biwot

The project was funded by Kenya water trust Fund partnering with the county government.

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