Nandi; Tea farmers reject clauses in the tea laws.

The ongoing implementation of tea regulations is facing criticism from a section of farmers seeking for more reviews.

Some farmers from Nandi County claim some clauses in the Tea Act 2020 were against their wishes.

The farmers Held a meeting with Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) and later issued a statement opposing some sections of the act.

“There are some issues that were given out by the government that we did not accept and there are some that we agree, we want to be choosing our directors not the government to choose for us,” said Kitur, a tea farmer.

The farmers said they want their processed tea sold directly to the international markets rather than going through the Mombasa auction.

“We want to continue selling our tea direct sells and not thru Mombasa auction since our quantities will be high and the prices will rise,” said Kitur.

They also claimed the new regulations were imposing them factory directors noting that it was against their proposals.
They said they wanted to supervise elections on their own without any influence from outside.

Regional operations manager region seven, Jonah Gitahu said as a team they have heard what the farmers have approved and declined and would see how proposed amendments can be made.

” We have had several meetings with farmers and we have educated them with the new tea act and farmers have supported some sections opposing some of the clause in the tea act,” Said Gitahu.

The farmers supported the creation of the tea board of Kenya and the tea research foundation.

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