Government erred in school reopening, Nandi governor faults State.

Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang has criticized the reopening of schools by the National government saying it was done in a rush with little consideration on the safety of the learners.

The Ministry of Education recently ordered learners in grade four, standard eight and form four to report to their respective schools from October 12 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The move elicited mixed reactions with some parents protesting over the short notice.

on Tuesday, Sang waved in accusing the Government of being inconsiderate to learners who were at risk of contracting the disease due to inadequate safety measures and the continued prevailing of the virus.

“From the recent report from the ministry of health, the corona virus seem to be spiking which seems to signal a possible second phase of an outbreak. The parents are not assured with the safety of their children in the schools,” claimed Sang.

He said that the learning institutions including secondary and primary schools were not adequately prepared to accommodate students.

The county chief said that the National Government had not put effective structural preventive measure in the public schools and  hence the safety of learners was not guaranteed.

“It could have been appropriate when the schools have fully attained the required structural set up to curb the virus within the school facility, ” he said.

He urged the National Government to distribute protective mask and sanitizers to the schools in remote areas, saying that there’s lack of water connectivity in those areas.


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