15 Bars closed for violating Government directives in Nandi.

15 bars have been ordered closed by Nandi County Government after they were found operating despite directives to remain closed.

The owners of the drinking joints were arrested and presented before Kapsabet law courts to face charges.

15 bars closed and owners taken to court in Nandi for not follows orders of the government.

Addressing the press in Kapsabet, County Commissioner Kutswa Alaka said Government will not relent in the fight Covid-19 adding that individuals found violating directives to suspend some businesses will be prosecuted.

“Together with the county government, we are still putting up measures to ensure everyone is following government procedures to promote the fight against Coronavirus disease. We have a few people who disobey the directives but we will ensure that they face a full force of the law,” Mr Alaka said.

He also revealed that some of the residents had opted to brewing changaa and busaa but warned that the law will catch up with them.

“In 299 sub locations we have made sure that the chiefs are monitoring the situation. So far, we have managed to pour over 10,000 liters of the illicit brews,” he said.

He caution the chiefs that will be caught supporting the illegal act that they will be dealt with according to the law adding that those who will ensure that they assist in fighting the Covid-19 will be promoted.

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