Nandi cane farmers demand suspension of leasing factories.

Sugarcane farmers in Nandi County are opposed to reforms by the Ministry of Agriculture allowing Government out state-owned factories.

The farmers and leaders from the region said the changes were against their wishes adding that there was no adequate consultation before the decision was made.

With the backing of Governor Stephen Sang, the cane farmers accused Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya of disregarding the sugarcane task report constituted by President Uhuru Kenyatta, which had the input of all stakeholders.

“One of the report is that there was need to reconstitute sugar, the privatization steering committee to ensure representation of farmers and county government. ” Said Governor Sang.

Already, the farmers from chemelil and Tindiret belt have moved to court to stop the leasing process.

The government established a team to guide the process of leasing five state owned sugar mills as it sought to re energize the sector which is currently on its knees.

Sang asked the agriculture cabinet to de-gazette interim management committee which is tasked to receive review and make recommendations on issues related to the specific sugar mills.

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