County government of Nandi sensitize youths on oversees scholarships.

The county government of Nandi has commenced on the sensitization and mobilization youths for overseas scholarships.

Following the recent agreement between the international institutions and the county government, students and professionals are targeted to take up education and employment opportunities available in various countries.

The community professionals working in various countries including Australia, Canada, Finland among other countries are leading the socioeconomic initiative that aim to eradicate poverty.

Speaking on Friday while issuing working permits to 14 health professionals set to travel tomorrow to Finland, Governor Sang said that the county government will gurantee the students to secure the available learning scholarships in the international universities.

“For years it has been a challenge for the students to get learning opportunities due to complex processes, but our partnership with Canadian universities has made it simple and affordable for the youths aspiring to explore new employment opportunities,” he stated.

He said that there is a shortage of job opportunities to commensurate with the thousands of graduates thus urged the parents to facilitate their children to secure employment vacancies.

The county education program targets over 5,000 youths which Governor Sang said to be in the line with the national government agenda to boost annual income taxes for the Kenyan citizens working in the foreign countries.

The first patch is set to join Suomi University in Finland to proceed with the health related courses and take up lucrative part-time jobs in the next one years.

Some of professionals benefitted from the program are nurses which were working with the county government as the casual workers.

“It’s really discouraging that the parents sells their farm commodities and parcels of land to pay their children school fees only to the be rendered jobless after graduating. We have started engaging them to invest on international education that will help them get employment in the foreign countries,” he stated.

The CEC for education, Scolatica Tuwei said to have already received over 600 new applicants and those meeting the qualifications will be shortlisted once the verification is concluded.

“The process will be free and fair. They will be trained and examined depending on the countries they are expected to proceed with their studies,” she stated.

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