Postponing 2022 general elections is against the law — Senator Cherargei.

Nandi county Senator Samson Cherargei has criticized politicians advocating for the postponement of 2022 general election.

Leaders allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta have been pushing for the delay of next year’s polls and instead called for the changes in constitution through the BBI initiative

Speaking in Kapsabet on Sunday, Cherargei said it is unconstitutional to postpone elections calling on the leaders to abide by the law.

“I am telling President Uhuru Kenyatta not to allow himself to be blackmailed. Just finish your term and go.Protect your legacy by following what is stated in the constitution. We ,in the hustler nation are waiting to take over the leadership of this country with bottom up economic model to uplift the lives of the downtrodden,” he stated.

Senator Cherargei urged politicians allied to Deputy President to be firm even though they are targeted by the deep state terming the recent arrest of Mathira Mp Rigathi Gachugua over allegations of corruption as political tactics to intimidate Dp’s Ruto lieutenants.

” I want to tell those calling themselves deep state and arresting people left, right and centre that unless you are ready to arrest all hustlers who are in millions,you will not defeat this movement.The courts will vindicate us and prove the arrests to be political witch hunt,” he lamented.

He further dared their opponents to sell their agenda for this country other than giving utterances that can fuel animosity.

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