Nandi speaker visits families of victims killed by police as quest for justice begins.

Nandi speaker Joshua Kiptoo has called on the Independent Policing Oversight Authority to conduct thorough investigation into the alleged last week police killing of three people in Ollesos market.

Kiptoo also urged witnesses to show up and assist investigators to ensure the prosecution of the cases succeed.

Among those killed was cobbler who was shot dead for trying to intervene for another while two others were killed while participating against the killing of the first victim.

Speaking when he visited the families to collect information that might assist in the prosecution for the case, Kiptoo said the quest for justice for the deceased had begun.

Kiptoo with lawyer Kisorio is representing the deceased’s families in the cases.

“Postmortem has been done and that is a progress we have made. The contribution of investigators and witnesses is very crucial and we ask them to play their part,” said Kiptoo.

Area Ollesos ward MCA Emmanuel Mengeech and his Kilibwoni counterpart Cynthia Muge had accompanied the speaker.

Mengeech regretted that the demonstration against the brutal killing of Lazarus Tirop in Ollesos turned violent resulting in burning of police houses.

“Emotions went out of proportion because of the brutal nature of the killing. We need to emphasis for some sobriety whenever we are demonstrating,” said Mengeech.

The leaders donated foodstuff to the family to support them during the trying moment.

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