Nandi Governor says laxity among locals pushing up COVID-19 cases.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has said violation of health regulations was to blame for the rising cases of COVID-19 in the county.

Sang said locals were becoming reluctant to adhere to simple regulations of proper hygiene, wearing of masks and keeping social leading to further increase in the number of cases.

The county has recorded 549 cases since the first case was reported. So far, 196 cases are active with 66 being in isolation with several others under home-based care.

Speaking during a meeting with county response team,  county interfaith group and eminent persons he said that the number of infected people are going up urging residents to be on watch.

“The best medicine for Covid 19 is prevention. We have decided together with the security and interfaith group we will work around to ensure that each and every protocol geared towards prevention is going to be implemented, ” Said sang.

The county boss added that most of the positive cases in Nandi are under home based care, saying that they will increase supervision on communities and families to be able to handle the positive case among them.

“We want to ensure that when there are protocols within our homes so that we will not have a situation where people and families are taking care of a positive person then the following day he or she infects the family,” said Governor Sang.

He said that the county government will do more civic education so that people will understand how home based care works.

Sang also said that the major challenge that they will use the media platform that give information on prevention. He said that the major challenge they are facing as a county is funerals and social gatherings saying that most people are not following the Covid protocols.

County commissioner Geoffrey Omoding said that they will continue with crack down and those found breaking the Covid rules will be arrested adding that in a week they have arrested 300 people.

“With county enforcement team and county officers from the public health as a team we will ensure every person is following the protocol to prevent Covid 19,” said Omoding.

He said that together with the chiefs they will ensure that the funerals and all social gatherings will follow Covid protocol to prevent the spreading.

“Any crowd that will pass the number we will order the police to disburse them even if its by using teargas,” Said Commissioner.

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