Kapsabet: Tussle over management of school land pose security threats to learners.

Simmering differences between management of two public institutions in Nandi County  is threatening the security of learners.

Kapsabet School for the Deaf primary school and Kapsabet Youth Polytechnic are engaged in a showdown regarding the management of the land where the two institutions are sitting on.

On Monday, Kapsabet School for the Deaf raised uproar after the polytechnic oversaw the demolition of a section of fence to pave way for construction of another gate to serve its students.

According to the school head teacher Joy Kimaita, the pulling down of a fence situated next to girls’ dormitory was posing a security risk to learners.

She complained that the management of polytechnic did not even consult her office before taking the move.

“It is a sensitive matter because girls are vulnerable. The fence around their dormitory was brought down and we were not even consulted before such action was taken,” said Ms Kimaita.

Kimaita said the move was unexpected adding that there was a gate that was serving both institutions.

She called on Government to intervene and settle the differences between the two institutions.

The manager of the polytechnic refused to address the media saying he will provide feedback after consulting his board of management.

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