No TO BBI: Youth in Nandi County reject BBI report.

A group of youths in Nandi County have said they will oppose the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce report because it does not champion their interests.

The group dubbed “Nandi Youth Council” led by their secretary general Nicholas Limo said youths issues affecting the youth have not been addressed in the document.

“We are very discouraged as the youths because the BBI has been used by political leaders to elevate themselves instead of trying to create opportunities to the youths,” said Limo.

The youths said that the youths have not been involved in the national consensus yet they play a big role in country.

“We have been sideline yet we are the leaders of tomorrow we want them to bring us on board. Also we want everyone to be included not just political leaders,” he said.

They urge the representative of BBI in the north rift region Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos to involve them and create time so that they can air their views.

They also argued on the gender rule saying that the rule should be considered everywhere including parastatals, and institutions. The group said they were disappointed by a section of governors who rejected the position of a deputy governor to be a woman.

“We are very disappointed as ladies and women in general it means they are not confident about our capabilities to lead,” said Mercy Korir vice chair of the group.

They also said that as youths they feel that the president has misplaced his priority instead of focusing on the big four agenda which was his manifesto.

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