KANU members in Nandi call for respect among leaders from different parties.

Former councillor and KANU spokesman in Nandi County Sammy Kilach has urged leaders from northrift region to bury their political differences and respect each other.

The statement from a die-hard KANU supporter comes amid bitter exchanges among different leaders from many parties.

Kilach said the exchange not words between leaders from different political parties in Rift Valley region was dividing locals.

“At the moment we have three key parties that is jubilee, kanu and ccm representatives in along the region and all I ask is everyone should be given a platform to be heard and not to be condemned.” Said Kilach.

He called upon residents not to be divided by political leaders and ensure that they live in peace with each other despite the political different.

“Like myself I am a kanu member which is obvious that I support Gideon Moi but again I respect other leaders.”

Kilach further burger KANU members to find strategies on how kanu will sail through come 2022.

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