Miwani Sugarcane farmers accuse government of land grabbing.

Sugarcane farmers in Nandi county have protested against the alleged grabbing of Miwani nucleus estate.


Following the gazetted notice dated May 21st 2021, the government gave a grace period of 60 days and upon which the private company will be the absolute owner of Miwani Sugar company land. 


The sugar planters claimed that there are conspiracy of illegal transfer of the 10, 000 acres of land that is originally registered as the public land No LR7545/3 to a private entity, Crossley Ltd  contrary to the law. 


Speaking to journalists, a section of farmer’s representives drawn from Chemase and Chemursoi region accused National land Commission (NLC) for unclear transactions of land privatization given that the land is embroiled in pending court cases.


Led by Nandi county assembly speaker Joshua Kiptoo, the farmers demanded the government to stop any transactions partaining the disputed land that expansively occupies parts of Nandi and Kisumu counties to rake out suspicious land irregularities made without the farmer’s consent. 


“For about three decades the company identified as Crossley have been fighting in courts claiming to posses the disputed land without clear allotment documentation which it has not been concluded in the court. It’s so disgusting that the government through the recent gazette notice confirms that the said company is the proprietor, unless the public file a petition against it,” said Kiptoo, who is also a local farmer.


Noting that the national government is set to slice 1, 000 acres of land for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the disputed swathe of land, Kiptoo said  that the local farmers are not against the project but he suggested that the farmers should be involved in the process, thus benefit the residents in both counties.


Miwani Farmers Federation secretary Kipngetich Chepkwony pointed accusing fingers to the government departments, the NLC and the ministry for Agriculture claiming to have deliberately ignored to heed to their demands, and instead, allow ilegal purported ‘selling’ of the public land to private entity.


“If the government wants to lease out the land, then we have submitted our demands that the sugar company be revived to revitalize the economy of the region. We cannot accept the secret transactions of the land alleged to be fastracked by the powerful individuals without considering public interest, ” he reiterated.


The farmers resolved to petition against the purported land grabbing claiming that they will file a petition in court next week.

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