Kesses MP Swarup Mishra offers to settle 100 families evicted from Mau.

Kesses Member of Parliament Dr Swarup Mishra has has donated 12 acres of land to 100 families in Mau forest calling upon well wishers to help them have a place to call home.

” As Kesses legislator it is my responsibility to take care of people regardless of where they belong or come from. To this extend, I will donate 12 acres to 100 families in Mau forest” said mishra.

Mishra urged the leaders not to politicise the process of eviction because the people will suffer calling upon the president and his deputy William Ruto to settle the issue at first adding that if it is delayed it will bring instability.

” I call upon the leaders not to politicize this issues instead they should help the poor people who are being evicted. Each household will get 1/8 of an acre. I request people that God has blessed me to chip in and help the families that will be affected for them to settle elsewhere and have a good life,” he said.

Kesses legislator said it was a good thing that the government wants to conserve the Mau forest but also should look at ways of settling them.

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