UDA’s win in Kiambaa spark celebrations in DP Ruto’s backyard.

Leaders in Nandi County have lauded the outcome of kiambaa by elections held on Thursday 15th July 2021 terming it historic.

UDA’s Wanjiku Njuguna won with 21773 votes against Jubilee’s Kariri Njama who attained 21263 votes in a hotly contested race pitting President Uhuru Kenyatta and His Deputy William Ruto who have openly supported different candidates in that by election.

“People have spoken, people have given a direction the country wants to go, they have actually paint that they are in agreement with the hustler nation and the rest of the country are actually in it. This is a popular movement,” said Tindiret MP Julius Melly.

Tinderet MP Julius Melly. PHOTO|COURTESY

The news of the win have reverberated across the expansive Rift Valley,a region where the Deputy President enjoys big following and is seen as a major score in his quest to succeed President Kenyatta.

Agreeing with his Tindiret counterpart Dr. Wilson Kogo celebrated the Kiambaa win saying that the deep state has been defeated as the people chose to rally behind the hustler nation adding that it is the government in waiting.

“The deep state has been proven wrong once again. The hustler nation will form the next government. It is sad that the deep state has been using the police, civil servants to intimidate voters and denying them to exercise their democratic rights,” said Kogo.

They called upon politicians especially those from the region to join United Democratic Alliance (UDA) because it resonates well with the people.

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