Judiciary is our only hope —Governor Sang

Chaos witnessed during recent by-elections reflect Kenya’s reigning impunity, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has claimed.

Speaking in Kapsabet during the launch of Kapsabet High Court registry, Governor Sang said what has been happening in the country in the last three months reflects a declining political system.

Sang judged that it was only the judiciary that could save the country from doom even as he urged judges to stand firm against political influences.

“I am speaking this on the face of what is happening, you know we have several by elections that is happening today, we are seeing absolute disregard for the law and a situation where various other arms of government including security apparatus in our nation today are being mobilised to sing certain political tunes,” Said Sang.

He added that if the situation continues the only hope that the nation will have will be judiciary.

“And I want to tell you as the judiciary, you are the only saviour for this nation if what is happening in this country in last two, three months is anything to go by,” he Said.

He said that the by elections is reflection of what is going to happen come election time urging the judiciary to intervene.

“We are seeing huge political influence over agencies of government that should remain neutral and serve this nation, and if we continue the only option for us will be judiciary,” said Governor Sang.

The high court was launched by Hon. Lady Justice Hellen Omondi where by she will be presiding Judge in Kapsabet. She said justice is having the assurance that matters have come to the justice system which will be handle expeditiously, fairness and integrity.

“Our visions have been to get the ordinary person to get access to justice in a much easier way,” Said Hon. Justice Omondi.

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