Ward Representative Calls for peace meeting to assure peace in Aldai.

Terik ward member of county assembly Osborn Komen has call upon leaders from Nandi south sub county Aldai constituency to have a meeting and discuss the matters of security in the region.

Speaking to north rift mirror, Komen said it is high time the leaders leave their political difference and meet to discuss issues affecting the people of Aldai.

This is after one trader was ambushed and robbed in Kobujoi center by thugs.

Komen said he had given a representation to the area MP Cornelius Serem to have a police post in Kapseng’ere to assist in bringing security around the area.

“Though currently the area is calm but previously we have had attacks by some thugs in the area and due to that we had security team visit the place,” said Komen.

He said that the police was ready to be deployed to Kapsengere but the challenge was that there was no facilities and a station for them.

“I am really requesting the area MP to ensure that the construction is given priority by allocating funds so that come next general election the area is secured,” he said.

He said during the last elections the area experience a lot of skirmishes and it will be bad to have the same in the next election.

“The station will address the minor insecurity issues that do happen and the major ones and also to be able to guard and respond if there will be issues campaigns and elections,” said Komen.

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