W.Pokot county assembly complex worth Shs.420M to be demolished.

Panic has struck residents of West Pokot county after the ongoing construction of the five storey  county assembly complex worth 420 million  shillings was declared to be sitting on a road reserve in Kapenguria town.

The county government said the proposed assembly is among buildings on riparian and grabbed land that have been identified for demolition.

The five-storey building is built on on road reserve in Kapenguria town.

Construction started in 2013 and the facility is now 70 per cent complete. It is part of the county’s five-year Integrated Development plan approved in 2013 by the county assembly.

Governor John Lonyangapuo said the building sits on a road reserve set aside by engineers 19 years ago for future construction of a fly-over.

“The county assembly did a wrong thing to approve the building to be set up in the area. Those who are lawmakers are the ones breaking laws by putting buildings on road reserves. The former county administration was sleeping on job,” he said.

The building would accomodate 50 members of the assembly in terms of office occupation where every member of assembly will have an office.

It was expected to be completed in 2019 and would also host several committees and a modern Assembly chamber.

“When the government will be ready to expand the Kapenguria-Siyoi road the building will hinder the construction of the road since there is no space,” he said.

The governor also warned other people who have grabbed public land within Kapenguria town to evacuate since his government would reclaim it.

“We have commenced on re-planning our major towns to help attract investors. Those who have set up buildings on riparian land should evacuate before we forcefully remove them,” he said.

“We are going to do beautification and landscaping of Kapenguria town from Murkwijit. We don’t want to create slums in our major towns in the county where people cannot be able to access the estates when a disaster occurs.”

He spoke in Kapenguria during the swearing in of the municipal council officers.

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