Victim of forest-eviction overcome all odds and emerged top 10 nationally in KCPE.

When the government evicted squatters from Serengonik forest in Nandi County many years ago, Abiud Kipkirui and his family cried their way out into hopelessness.

They squeezed themselves along Olessos road where they call it their new home and nursed their pains.

Touched by the exemplary intelligence of Abiud, his teacher Geoffrey Kotutwo provided him with the basic support for the ambitious boy to pursue his primary education.

On Thursday, Abiud hit the nationally limelight when he emerged position seven after scoring 430 marks. The boy who aspires to be a neurosurgeon in future could not hide his joy when the news broke out.

The student has received many compliments with Nandi governor Stephen Sang promising to sponsor his education.

While congratulating the student, Sang expressed fear that many parents might not be able to take their children to secondary schools due to the economic decline caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I want to urge the government to change priorities and give chances to pupils who excelled in their exams to continue studying. The money they could have used to conduct referendum should be used to take these children to school,” said Sang.

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