Uproar as Nandi County fails to meet its revenue collection target.

Nandi county assembly has raised alarm after the county failed to meet its revenue collection target in three years.

The ward representatives said the failure of the county’s department of finance and economic planning to meet the target had slowed down implementation of projects in the county.

The assembly pushed for the establishment of an ad hoc committee to investigate the failure to meet the target.
The MCAs raised the suggestion when they adopted 2021 county fiscal strategy paper and the finance bill.

County assembly Speaker Joshua Kiptoo said the ad hoc committee will investigate the revenue generated from the 350 acres of Kiborgok tea estate since 2013.

He also said the ad hoc committee will look into world bank agricultural facilities under the Narigc Kitty. Kiptoo said they are seeking accountability to increase county revenue.

At the same time, the assembly also said it needed an independent audit of all human resource in the county adding that 77.7 percent recurrent expenditure is too high and unsustainable for county management hence the need to cut drastically such unnecessary costs.

The speaker asked the Public Service Commission to audit the staff without involving individuals who were behind the employment of the staff being investigated.

“How can the same fellows who hired the same people audit the same employees?” He asked.

Last month the county carried head count of the employees.

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