Uproar after dubious traders supply counterfeit farm inputs in Nandi.

Kenya National Farmers Federation Nandi County Chairperson Zachariah Kuto. PHOTO|COURTESY

Malicious traders sold uncertified farm inputs to cereal farmers in Nandi County, Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF) has established.

Hundreds of farmers who fell into the trap of the malicious traders are counting losses after maize seeds failed to germinate.

KENAFF said the losses were as a result of the use of uncertified seeds and fertilizers sold to the farmers by the con traders.

The most affected is Mosop subcounty with over 200 farmers counting losses with he federation raising a red flag that food crisis in the entire county was now imminent.

“Majority of the farmers in other subconties including Tindiret, Aldai, Nandi Hills and Emgwen are growing tea and depend on Mosop for maize. The losses from fake inputs is posing a threat to food secuy in the near future,” said KENAFF Nandi County chairperson Zachariah Kuto.

Kuto said the dubious traders took advantage of security lapses during the outbreak of Covid-19 to evade checks by authorities.

“We appeal to the county and national governments to provide subsidized seeds and fertilizers to prevent an imminent food crisis,” Kuto said.

Kuto thanked the county government for providing tractors that have helped farmers in tilling of land and planting of crops.

He further urged farmers to follow strictly instructions by ministry of health on management of corona virus !

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