Tindiret MP wants roads devolved

Tindiret MP Julius Melly says construction of roads should be devolved to county governments to end confusion that has seen some roads stalled.

Melly said there was conflict of interests between national and county governments leading to competition for construction of roads leading to disagreements that often leads to neglect of the infrastructure.

The MP specifically identified roads under Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) and Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) saying they should be devolved from Naional Government.

“I support the push to have roads maintained by KeRRA and Kura to counties so that the clash and blame game between the two levels of governments can end,” he said while at Goot Nelel in Tindiret.

The legislator claimed National Government was given little attention to roads in constituencies managed by the two agencies.

He revealed that every constituency was getting Sh20 million for maintenance of roads, a meagre amount that counties can surpass if allowed to manage.

“Counties has a budget of close to Sh500 million for roads and are therefore better placed to be in charge of building and repair of such road networks,” he argued.

Melly said there was need to streamline the infrastructure managed by counties and those under National Government so that roads are not neglected as each level claims authority to manage.
“The most important thing is to have roads maintained, Kenyans should not suffer because of lack of clarity in management of roads, we must put the record straight and push for devolvement of management of roads,” Melly said

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