The secret caves of Ngabunat in Nandi County.

Little is known and has been written about The Ngabunat caves. But if the residents of Nandi County talks about it, you will  surely be amazed at the special roles it played and still plays being at the heart of the county’s tourism industry.

Beutiful scenery leads you to the spectacular Ngabunat caves. Caves that palyed a vital role in the vicious fight way back in 18th Century.

According to one of the residents Mr. Samuel Tanui, It is this region that the maasai were defeated because they wanted to own this land but the Nandi said no and fought gallantly.

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The Nandi fore fathers are said to have held this caves dearly as blood is said to have been shed when the Nandi and the Maasai fought for this land and the salt waters for their livestock. The Nandi took advatage of internal conflicts within the Maasai to defeat them.

Ngabunat is a vernucalar word among the Nandi meaning a hiden sacred place. In the 18th century Ngabunat caves was among the most spiritual places among the Nandi community. One is left to imagined how people use to reach the bottom of this caves.

Local tourists at one of the Ngabunat`s ten caves.

Some caves were used to hide livestock stolen from the Maasai.

The force of the Waterfall lefts much anticipation of how much energy can be tapped from this natural resource as it can be used to generate electricity.

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The area is now a tourist attraction site free for visitors, It is a site that is hidden deep in the heart of Nandi community. The site reminds the residents here where they have been and what there fore fathers where upto and the reasons for the name given.

Tourist Attraction site:

Located in Kapchorua ward Nandi Hills Sub-county, Ngabunat Caves has attracted lots of local tourists from within and outside the region. Its serine  environment makes the place perfect for excursion. It has a waterfall that adds to the site’s aesthetics with baboons  and other wildlife hovering around. I bet, one visit to the place can make you appreciate the county and its environs. The county government is making efforts to improve the sitealthough it is still at its infancy stages.

Are you looking for an adventure packed picnic in Nandi?  Visit Ngabunat Caves and discover the hidden treasures in Nandi county. Authentic, Serene and Magical!!


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