Opposition sympathetic Pollster Infotrack has released a report claiming that independent candidate Kiprop Bundotich leads Uasin Gishu County gubernatorial Opinion polls by 54% against Governor Mandagos 42%.

This is not a surprise considering that Infotrack CEO Angela Mbitho’s close relative Benson Metho is part of Bundotich’s inner circle who is said to have been tasked with the duty of imaginary sampling.

Infortrack confirms that they used targeted convenience sampling. This method focuses on readily available specimen for sampling.

In the case of Uasin Gishu County Convenience sampling is only possible within urban areas where a researcher can easily access over 1,000 people for questioning at once.

Convenience sampling is the opposite of conventionally accepted sampling method known as random sampling where a researcher is expected to pick samples from all different corners of his sample area.

One can not help notice the glaring cookery in Infotrack’s latest release. Buzeki lost to Governor Mandago in Jubilee primaries by a huge percentage, we expect the voting pattern to remain the same.

In the case of Uasin Gishu County the voting population always votes along party lines. It leaves a lot to be desired  that a pollster can produce such results in a party stronghold.

Latest synovate Uasin gishu gubernatorial opinion polls

Recently, Ipsos Synovate carried a credible survey that showed the incumbent leading by a comfortable margin of 61% against his close rival Buzeki at 32%. Thought the results were not released to the public, the gubernatorial candidates were shown the results.

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