Stop forcing students to go to school, MP tells ministry.

A legislator has linked the increasing cases of suicide among students to the government’s poor strategies.

Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo said the government was using force to compel students to report to schools without finding out the complexities around low turnout in some schools.

He gave an example of his constituency which he said had recorded an increasing number of suicide among learner’s, saying there was lack of guidance and counseling.

“I ask the government to enhance guidance and counseling so that the students can respect the teachers. It is not just a matter of go to school but they should understand why the students are not going to school first,” said Kogo.

He said many students may have been adversely affected by situations arising from the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, and may require counseling.

Forcing them to school, he said, was pushing many to depression and suicide.
He asked the Ministry of Education to invest in guidance and counseling and help students overcome tribulations they may have encountered at home when schools were closed due to the outbreak of the disease.

Kogo said the government had tried but still there are many challenges like lack of masks, desk and classes.

“I am calling upon the government to come out and be truthful and where you are not in a position let us be honest to the parents so that they can move in to help our children,” he said.

Kogo was speaking in his office in Chesumei at a function with area chiefs where he has managed to construct 16 chiefs office in his constituency.

“I’m happy to work with the area chiefs since they provide security within our community. And as far as covid 19 is concern I will provide them with water tanks to ensure that they follow covid protocols,” Kogo said.

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