Stay home and go to the farms, Governor Sang directs residents.

There is a likelihood of food shortage in future due to coronavirus pandemic in the country, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has predicted.

The governor said Kenyans in rural homes should focus on farming as they obey the ‘stay home’ directive by the Government.

“I want to urge the Nandi residents to plant food staff because aftermath their is a possibility of hunger” said sang.

Sang said growing foodcrops including vegetables and cereals was likely to cushion locals from the impending hunger and even enable them to feed the rest of Kenyans.

Addressing the journalists in Kapsabet, Sang said executive officers in the county were going to take pay cuts in a bid to raise funds for emergencies.

Among those in the paycut are the governor and his deputy (30 percent) and County Executive Committee Members (25 percent).

“The funds will be there directed to the activities on expenditure along with the well-wishers donations to help in the expenses including the monitoring person in the self quarantine in the community” he said.

He said the pay cut was voluntary.

The county Chief also directed Kapsabet Nandi Water Services Company to ensure continued supply of water in town and it’s environment for residents to maintain good hygiene.

County Commissioner Kutswa Olaga who accompanied him said police were enforcing the government directives to curb the virus.

” We have closed bars and other open air markets in Tindiret and Aldai sub counties, we shall continue watching on those tend to ignore the law and warning them that the hand of the law will dealt upon mercilessly” he said.

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