Sacking of cleaners in Nandi causes uproar.

The dismissal of cleaners at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital has caused an uproar from leaders.

Over 50 cleaners were recently sacked by Nandi County Government after allegedly protesting delayed payment of salaries.

On Tuesday, Kapsabet ward representative Fred Kipkemboi criticised the decision by the county government saying it was malicious and insensitive to the workers who have been working under no pay for several months.

“It is unfortunate and sad that the workers who have been sacrificing to keep the hospital clean despite delaying salaries have been dismissed. It is immoral to sack workers for demanding their wages,” said Kipkemboi.

Kipkemboi claimed the decision by the county government resulted from a protest letter from an aggrieved worker who expressed his frustration following delayed payment of their salaries.

“They are not asking for increased salaries but timely payment. What is wrong with that?” Posed Kipkemboi.

Some of the dismissed workers who spoke on anonymity said they have been locked out of their rental houses.

“Our families are starving. We only need to be paid for what we have worked for, why should e be criminalized,” said a dismissed worker.

The MCA said they will take the matter to court if the county does not rescind it’s decision.

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