Residents warned against violating COVID-19 containment measures.

Nandi County residents have been warned against violating Covid-19 containment measures as cases from the region continue to rise.

Currently, the county has reported 122 cases.

The increase in cases is linked to negligence by locals, majority of whom have stopped wearing masks, practicing hygiene and maintaining social distance.
Leading business operators have now voiced their concerns fearing drastic measures that may affect trade may be issued by the county if cases continue to rise.

Led by Robert Chepkwony, a businessman in Nandi Hills town, asked locals to take the matter seriously to avert further increase of cases.

“Most people at the rural areas taught that the disease was affecting people living in Nairobi only but now as you can see it is within us.” Said Chepkwony.

He said that the problem at the villages is that people are ignorant and if in any case it affects one person most people will be infected.

“The disease does not choose, it doesn’t know the poor and the rich and most people in the village are very vulnerable. ” said Chepkwony.

Chepkwony also accused the government for opening school saying that it was wrong to do an experiment with young children.

He urged the government to close the schools up to January and if in any case they want to open they should start with colleges and universities since are able to control.

“If in any case one of the student get infected then it means a lot of children will be affected. I’m just asking how will the government control such a situation? ” question Chepkwony.

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