Release funds for schools, Government urged.

The National Government has been asked to release funds to schools to enable the institutions to operate seamlessly.

Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo says the government was yet to release monies to schools making it difficult for school heads to manage their institutions.

“We just want to have all the money in various schools, whether it is primary or secondary. it has to be there as soon as possible so that schools operate efficiently without interruption of any learning,” he said.

Kogo also said National Government Constituency Development Funds (NGCDF) were yet to be released even as needy students wait for bursaries to clear their fees.

Kogo said that parents are facing a lot of challenges since most of them lost jobs after the corona pandemic, making the majority of them to rely on bursaries that could not be provided at the moment.

“I really urge the government to fasten the release of bursary funds so that we can help parents to pay school fees in our schools, especially the needy and the orphans. It is an injustice to the less fortunate to be denied learning when the Government is in a position to intervene,” Said Kogo.

The plea by the legislator comes at the time that schools are reopening for the second time, several months after they were closed following the outbreak of Covid-19.

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