Rehabilitation efforts to clear street families from streets underway.

An ambitious rehabilitation program to clear  street families in the country is underway.

The program has started with public participation exercises where stakeholders in all counties are being engaged by the board of trustees of the fund.

On Wednesday, the members of the board of trustees were in Nandi County where a discussion on the issue was held.

Alex Masibo who chaired the committee said reuniting the urchins with their families was more practical than setting up charity-funded homes.

“We are encouraging the country to review and ensure that we do the right rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and re-socialization programs,” said Malibo.

He added, “As a government we would like to see to it that most of the institutions are either closed down or transit to transition centers to be able to find life within the family setting.”

Malibo said since 2003 since the trust fund was established they have never had a policy that regulates, coordinates to ensure that the programs are managed or implemented coherently.

“As a fund we are putting together a policy that we hope is going to support the nation to coordinate all the street families activities and intervention in the country,” he said.

Malibo argued that the poverty, harassment at homes, and social defiance  were pushing many people into the streets adding that they had developed a policy that would ensure the issues were addressed.

Malibo said they were working together with the Nandi county government and Nandi county commissioner to form a county chapter in the region to coordinate and domesticate the policy to ensure it is functional up to the sub counties.

Nandi County has an estimate of 151 street urchins.

The trustees have already engaged 19 counties with stakeholders to identify the factors making persons to go to the street.

A total of 46, 693 street families are in Kenya where 72 percent are male and majority being youth. Children below 19 years are 15, 752 according to the board of trustees for street families rehabilitation trust fund.

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