Pregnancy  locks girls out of school in Nandi County.

A week after schools reopened following the closure due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many girls have not reported to their various schools with revelations emerging that majority were pregnant.

Education officials and county administrators in Nandi are moving around the region in a bid to find the missing students and take them to their schools.

On Friday, Livestock permanent Secretary Harry Kimtai and Nandi  County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding led the team in the desperate quest to have girls and other students who were still at home to return to their schools.

At the moment, about 27 percent and 24 percent of secondary and primary school learners respectively have not reported.

Kimtai said they were going round the schools to check on how the students have returned to school and also to monitor the implementation of  government projects.

“The reasons given by some parents as to why their children have not returned to school are issues like lack of uniforms, distance since most of them had travelled far. There are also many cases of teenage pregnancies,” said Kimtai.

He said that those who have not reported school will be tracked and ensured that they go back to school.

The team will visit other schools across the county next week.

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