Peace agreement signed among the communities living within the lake region economic bloc (LREB).

A section of leaders led by Governor Wycliffe Oparanya and his counterparts Stephen Sang ( Nandi), Wilberforce Otichilo ( Vihiga), Dr Paul Chepkwony ( Kericho) and Kisumu deputy governor Dr owili witnessed the resolutions made on Monday at Tabolwa village, Nandi County.

The agreement will ensure that peace is and harmony is shared among the luo, luhya and Kalenjin communities to end perennial boundary clashes.

To mark world peace day, the leaders inked on the unity resolutions and oversee the opening of the economic facilities including Tabolwa market centers set to promote social integration across the kakamega- Nandi.

“This marked the end of our tribal conflicts emerging in our boundaries that have been elicited by politics and boundary fights for over years where we have lost dozen of our people” said Governor Operaya.

Through the National Cohesion and integration commission (NCIC) the intercommunity peace commitee facilitated the deliberation made to enhance coexistence among the groups.

“This will zeal the unity among our people socially diversed. We have tribal reason like trespassing, livestock that leads to the fights and from today hence forward we shall not expect fights again” said operants.

In agreement with Governor oparana, governor Sang, Dr Chepkwony and Oticgilo called upon the NCIC and Ievc to expedite on the boundary review in the common boundaries.

” we shall appeal the ministry of interior to initiate and fund for more security resources including street lights and open up the roads to the remote areas. This will help to raise the standards of the people” said Governor Sang.

It is noted that along the common boundaries, residents living along gamvogi, kinoswa, tabolwa, kamungei in Nandi and Moroni in Kericho and Kisumu have greeted with fierce wrangles cited to have been ignited by the politics and economic aggressions.

Four months ago, two people lost their lives and several people sustained injuries after the flare up erupted over boundary dispute Nandi and kakamega border.

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