Parents taking advantage of COVID-19 pandemic to practice FGM cautioned.

Parents who takes advantage of the current emergency situation; Covid-19 pandemic to perpetuate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practice have been warned.

Speaking to press, Marakwet Girls foundation Chairperson Ruth Kilimo, said that the recent global outbreak of Covid-19 has raised the specter of an increase of FGM and that it has created the perfect conditions for proponents of FGM and early marriages.

Kilimo, who is also the chair of the foundation, said the government will stay alert and ensure that children’s rights are being protected during this time when children are at home following the corona virus epidemic.

Ruth Kilimo who oversees the Marakwet Girls Foundation said they are dedicated to protecting girls’ rights from Marakwet Communities since it likely that many parents in Elgeiyo Marakwet County are focused on the implementation of FGM during this time when the Government has turned its attention to the covid-19 epidemic.

“I send a stern warning to those who take advantage of the pandemic that the government and other stakeholders are vigilant to ensure children are protected from the abuse which is still practiced in Marakwet East Sub-County” She lamented.

Ruth Kilimo says instead of parents thinking about outdated traditions such as FGM, they should use this time children are at home to educate and guide them and to follow television programs to ensure their children grow to be useful people in the society in future.

“Whoever stays with the children at home it is time to teach their children since there are programs in TV’s they should also be guided in their homework, to grow in their education , good morals that to see that they are growing stronger to be good citizens in future in the county and beyond” She said

Along with Elgeiyo Marakwet County, hundreds of Girls in Baringo areas are currently facing the risk of undergoing FGM, as many girls who sought security in Tangulbei and Nginyang areas in Tiaty Constituency are now forced to return home without their will after a number of centers where they sought refuge was closed following the pandemic.

The Ilchamus and Endorois Girls in Marigat are also facing the risk of forcefully undergoing FGM.

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