Outgoing Ol’lessos TTI Principal, Board on spot over graft allegation.

A section of Nandi residents want the EACC to investigate the alleged graft cases embroiled the Ol’ Lessos board of management for the last two years.

They accused the management of misappropriating millions of public thus derailed the general development of the institution that accommodates over 7, 000 students.

Led by the Ol’ Lessos MCA Emanuel Mengech, they pointed out nepotism and violation of recruitment regulations, claiming that qualified local youth have been arbitrarily sidelined from accessing job opportunities available in the technical institution.

“We call upon the ministry of Education and Anti-corruption commission to audit the members of the board and the school principal. Forensic audit should be done to the institution’s accounts to establish the amount of money illegally transacted into the personal coffers,” he demanded.

MCA Mengeech further called for the dissolution of the board to pave way for the appointment of new and compitent members.

These came shortly after the embattled principal Rosebella Chuku was transferred after engaging in a prowl with the locals among other stakeholders over the management of the school resources.

“Under the her leadership, illegal payments of the tendersand withdrawal of funds have been witnessed. The board went further crossly faulting financial management by changing a accounts signatories that led to inappropriate withdrawal of money,” claimed Julius Too, one of the residents.


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