OPINION: The journey to the next economic dispensation in the 3rd Republic.

Kenya as a country has gone through various life changing milestones, from attaining independence, the second liberation that gave birth to a new constitution (2010) that changed the structure of governance and now about to undergo a paradigm shift on how our economic model is structured in the third republic.

Various political actors, policy makers and opinion shapers have advanced various models to actualize the desire to change the fortunes of the Kenyan people.

Highlighting a 11-point perspectives on how the bottom-up economic model can be used to eradicate poverty, create wealth and ultimately change the economic outlook of the republic of Kenya.

This includes coming up with policies that legitimize small traders; reduces the burden of taxation to SMEs; allowing small businesses, especially the millions in the informal sector to access cheap credit from financial institutions, ease of starting business, access to affordable healthcare, provision of quality education and training, quality transport and technological infrastructure for reliable access to markets.

Favourable Taxation Regime, Education and Trainings, Affordable Healthcare, Access to Markets, Water Resources, Ease of Doing Business, Gender Equity, ICT Innovation, Reliable and Affordable Energy, Access to Capital and Access to Affordable Housing are all sectors of the economy that the new economic model should cover which will result in Poverty Eradication, Wealth Generation and Finally the Overall Improved Economic Outlook.

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The writer is a monitoring and evaluation officer at the County Government of Nandi. sharonjepkorir0@gmail.com

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