North Rift polliticians hit out at individuals using BBI for ethnic profiling.

A section of political leaders in North Rift have vowed to oppose any attempts to use the Building Bridges Initiative to divide Kenyans on tribal lines.

Speaking to press in Eldoret, the leaders led by Kapseret Member of Parliament and his counterpart Caleb Kositany who said that Ledama and his team’s utterance is leading the country back to a divided tribal Nation.

This comes after a Saturday BBI rally in which politicians from the Maasai community presented a proposal to have some political seats exclusively set aside for them.

They said such proposals are meant to further divide Kenyans on tribal lines instead of building bridges adding that they condemn divisive ODM BBI rallies.

The two Members of Parliament who were flanked by some Members of County Assembly further noted that they will not accept to be part of a BBI that seeks to divide Kenyans.

They also called on the investigative agencies to take actions against the Maasai community leaders led by Senator Ledama Ole Kina for propagating ethnic divisions adding that the country is healing from many years of tribalism.

Theyfurther said they will only present their views to the gazetted BBI taskforce and not a team led by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

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