North Rift KNUT officials hit out at NEC members for plotting Sossion ouster.

A section of North Rift Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) officials has hit out at some of the union’s National Executive Council (NEC) members for plotting to remove secretary General Wilson Sossion from office.

Led by KNUT’s Regional Council Rift Valley chairman Moris Barchok, the officials said they fully support Sossion’s leadership.

“We want to confirm to the rest of our colleagues in Kenya that Wilson Sossion is our choice and we remain loyal and supportive to him whatever the case. Without Sossion there is no KNUT,” noted Barchok who spoke to the press in Eldoret town on Friday.

He also claimed that the union boss was being fought because he refused to accept bribes to compromise teacher’s demands.

“We are the people who fronted Sossion to be elected as one of the National Officials of KNUT so we are the people to tell others if we have confidence in him or not since our election is based regional balance,” said Barchok.

He further said that they trust in Sossion’s leadership to an extent they will be willing to enter a ditch should he tell them so.

According to the Rift Valley KNUT official, the nominated MP’s term at the helm of the giant teacher’s union ends in 2021.

He dared anyone who is man enough to present his candidature and face off with Sossion instead of seeking to ascend to power through the back door.

Barchok further refuted claims that over 90,000 teachers have ditched KNUT. He termed the reports as mere propaganda that does not carry any water.

Sossion is fighting to remain in office as NEC members seek to oust him following a decision by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to struck him from the teachers’ registry.

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