North rift journalists urged to take lead in anti-corruption efforts.

Transparency International Kenya wants the Journalists to take social responsibility in the fight against corruption witnessed in many public offices.

Noting that the recent escalation of cases of graft in the country has negatively affected the access of services by the members of the public, thus pointed out to have hindered the country’s economy.

Briefing the Journalists on June 24th during a workshop attended by the media correspondents majorly drawn from the North rift region, Alex Yator, a TI Kenya official claimed that the media plays a key role in mitigation process of stemming out the corrupt vices in the society.

“We are reaching out to the media personnel working with various outlets to expedite on effective investigative journalism, particularly unmasking graft incidents involving personalities holding public offices. This will help to unravel malpractices being witnessed in the community, ” he said.

Mr Yator claimed that the media will help the TI Kenya to access and verify information or complaints raised by the members of the community on misappropriation of public resources.

“We know that threats and intimidations are aspects interfering with the Journalists in covering sensitive stories touching on the powerful individuals in the society. But in such unfortunate incidents, we are ready to offer a security protection to affected individuals and ensure the perpetrators face to full force of the law, ” he assured.

He further claimed that the culprits linked with capital offenses have got high tendencies of circumventing the law through bribery, thus compromising with the justice delivery.

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