NOREB to partner with Medic Mobile in digitizing community health services.

North Rift Economic Bloc (NOREB) will partner with Medic Mobile to digitalize health services in the north rift region.

The plans were revealed yesterday during a deliberation meeting aimed at leveraging technology to create an enabling environment for health  workers to make universal health coverage a  reality and secure it as a human right.

“We met  in Nandi County to discuss how its technological solution can support our counties in delivering health services basically the universal health care and also Covid 19,” Chepyagan said.

The meeting brought together County Executives for Health, ICT, Medic Mobile and NOREB Secretariat.

The partnership is also aimed at providing quality care through integrated, community based health systems, backed  with efficient technology which can be delivered by health workers to guarantee decentralized and coordinated services.

“The system is very useful, it captures over 80% of what is required and unanimously we have agreed as Noreb to see how the software and the system can be tailor-made to suit the recruitments of individuals member counties in improving service of healthcare,” he said.

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