NCPB put measures to ensure service delivery despite COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has put in place measures that will ensure they continue providing services to farmers but at the same time adhering to health standards outlined by the government.

This follows the threat of Coronavirus spread that the country is facing.

According to North Rift NCPB Managing Director Gilbert Ng’etich their depots across the region remain open to serve the locals.

Ng’etich however said they have restricted the number of farmers being served apart from opening a new shop in Eldoret town. He encouraged farmers to order the seeds and fertilizers online so as to avoid crowding at NCPB.

“We’re now serving a maximum of 5 farmers at the same time even as we insist on them keeping social distance. We have also opened a shop in town next to KCC depot so that we reduce the number of people visiting our main depot for services,” he said.

The NCPB North Rift boss further noted that all their depots and shops have adhered to the provided guidlines including availability of places were visitors and staff wash hands regularly as well as sanitizers in offices.

He also assured that NCPB has sufficient seeds, fertilizers and even food that can service the region for some time.

“As NCPB we planned well ahead of time even before the Coronavirus came. We have sufficient food, seeds and fertilizer for everyone,” Ng’etich noted.

NCPB has 7 outlets in the North Rift among them Kitale, Mosoriot, Eldoret, Moi’s Bridge and Ainabkoi.

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