National and county government urged to intensify the push for compensation of Nandi famililies who suffered colonial injustices.

Former Nandi Deputy Governor Dominic Biwott. [Source/Facebook/ Dominic Biwott Chepyagan]

A call to address historical injustices against the Nandi Community has intensified as Kenya celebrates Mashujaa Day.

Nandi Community lost many people during the resistance against colonialism in the early 1900s.

The people also lost livestock that were forcefully confiscated and land that was grabbed and converted into tea estates.
Their leader and prophet Koitalel Samoei was also killed.

Former Nandi Deputy Governor Dominic Biwott has said such painful experiences necessitated compensation.

Biwott who is also the Chief Executive Officer of North Rift Economic Bloc (Noreb) said the national and county governments should work together to intensify the push to have Britain, the former coloniser, compensate the people.

“As we celebrate our heroes, let it be remembered our parents suffered from historical injustices which has affected even the current generation,” said Dr Biwott.

He praised the national government for establishing Koitalel Samoei University named after the prophet saying it was consoling to the community.

“The university will provide job opportunities beside recognizing our legendary leader,” said Biwott.

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