Nandi water agency launches crackdown against illegal connections

Nandi water service agency has launched investigation of illicit connection of water that has led to lost of taxpayer’s millions of money.

In an exercise that started on Monday that brought together the security team and Kapsabet Water Services Company (KANAWASCO) officials, the operation targeted the tenants and the landlords within municipality and its environs to stem out ilegal water connections.

This came after the annual report showing that the company have been losing an estimate of Sh. 40 Million yearly to ilegal connections of water by unscrupulous water consumers.

According to the KANAWASCO director Sammy Keter, the culprits have been Massively connecting water out of the system which is not captured by the water company for over three years.

“It has been a critical problem undermining the company. We have came to realized that there is high rate of water consumption in ration to the returns we are supposed to collect every month, thus prompted us to comb the areas suspected to have ilegal water connections,” he said.

Water agency’s boss disclosed that with the 80, 000 cubic meters of water they pump from the source, 50% is confirmed to be running out of the taps uncaptured which Mr Keter said that the company lost water worth Sh. 3.5 Million monthly.

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