Nandi: Uproar as traffic police engaged in a confrontation with the public.

Traffic police in Nandi County have been accused of high handedness after a confrontation between some officers and matatu operators.

On Tuesday, police allegedly barricaded a road at Roseve in Kapsabet town blocking a vehicle that was ferrying students and members of the public before conducting a lengthy search that the matatu operators said was unnecessary.

The affected students were on their way to school after the half term break and some parents protested the move by police saying it delayed their children from getting to their schools in time.

“We are very disturbed as matatu operators. Police are harassing us on the road. They are using roadblocks and sometimes they damage our vehicles by hitting side mirrors and other parts. They use excess force on us,” said victor Tirop a passenger.

They called upon the leaders and security authorities to assist them.

“Now our children cannot get to school on time yet they left home early. We are ready to follow all the rules but we they should not use excessive force on us,” Nicholas Kogo a matatu spoke person.

County police Commander Sam ole Kine said police were investigating the matter. He called on the matatu sector to ensure that they follow covid protocols and traffic rules to avoid confrontations.

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