Nandi residents warned against ignoring Covid-19 protocols.

Residents have been warned to adhere to Covid-19 preventive regulations following rampant positive cases of virus reported in Nandi county.

The security team alongside the county government have swiftly moved to enforce measures aimed to curb the infectious respiratory disease outbreak, few days after the neighboring counties subjected to partial lockdown.

According to health reports, Nandi county residents are in the verge of contracting corona virus due to intereconomic activities with the adversely affected counties including Kakamega, Vihiga, Kericho and Kisumu which are considered the hot-spot regions of the global pandemic.

Speaking in Kapsabet while launching Covid-19 mitigation exercise, the County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding and County health department Director David Bungei noted that the members of the public do not comply with the laws set to stem out the virus asserting that the locals found flouting the rule will face the wrath of the law.

“We have lost so many people here Nandi and since the Covid-19 was reported, 50 persons are recorded to have died of the deadly virus complications. The enforcement of the desease control protocols should be taken serous to quard the locals against the unpleasant eventualities of the virus, ” he said.

Mr Omoding directed the local administrators, interdenomination leaders among other health stakeholders to sensitize and mobilize the members of the public into to conforming with the preventive protocols.

Dr. David Bungei warned the locals against visiting the Nyanza and Western regions, where the Indian variant virus is confirmed to have significantly hit.

” The immunization process is going and I am appealing to those who had taken the first dose to visit the county health centers to get the second jab. Persons who majorly travel around should take the jab as soon as possible” Said Bungei, adding that the doses will be supplied to the sub county health centers to be conviniently access in the remote areas.

However, the county has recorded 923 positive cases since the last year when the corona virus was first announced in Kenya.

The one week countrywide sensitization exercise is spearheaded by the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs.

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