Nandi; Nurses union calls on county to act on unlicensed hawkers selling fake masks.

Kenya National Union of Nurses in Nandi County has raised a red flag over unlicensed hawkers selling fake masks in the region.

Nandi County union Secretary Amos Ngetich said the masks could be contaminated or ineffective adding that locals were facing a danger of getting infected with coronavirus.

Ngetich said many hawkers were selling unpackaged masks noting that handling of the equipment was unprocedural.

“County Government should regulate the operations of the hawkers to protect the locals. The hawkers are only interested in making profits with little regard to adhering to the required directives on the quality and handling of face masks,” said Ngetich.

He added, “Most hawkers handle the equipment with bare hands which is not recommended.”

The union official also appealed to the county administration to procure enough surgical masks for medics to ensure they were shielded from infections.

“County Government should ensure there are no bought surgical masks for their health staff to prevent any compromise of work,” he said.

Ngetich further explained that medical staff were required to have a three-layered mask while ordinary people were safe with a cotton face mask.

“For the surgical mask, the first layer is waterproof, the second is a filter preventing saliva while the last one absorbs sweats and excess fluids from the mouth,” he explained.

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