Nandi MCAs back Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo Bill.

A section of Nandi county Ward Representatives have vowed to endorse the Third Way Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo Bill.

The MCAs said the bill is ‘Mwananchi-oriented’  and if passed would strengthen devolution to spur economic development at the grassroots.

The ward legislators led by Assembly Education Committee Chairman Emmanuel Mengich (Lessos Ward) and Osborne Komen (Terik Ward)  threw their weight behind the referendum drive which will see the number of MPs reduced.

“Some of MPs and MCAs have never contributed anything in the National and county assemblies, their work is just to earn salaries without working,” said Mr Komen.

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Ms Cynthia Muge (Kilibwoni) and Ms Theresa Maiyo (nominated) said Kenyans are suffering because of huge wage bills.

“Kenyans are suffering because of leaders who can’t think and make independent decisions and as leaders from Nandi County, we are supporting the Punguza Mizigo Bill,” added Mr Mengich.

Majority leader David Koech said the proposed bill is ‘Mwananchi-oriented’ and said that although he is still internalising the proposals, he is in support.

Dr Aukot Bill  seeks to reduce the representation in Parliament from 416 members to 147 and to increase counties’ revenue share to 35 percent.

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The Bill has also proposed goodies to the devolved units  including retention of the 1,450 wards, which it recognises as the primary units of accelerated development.

The assemblies have three months to decide on the Bill which will later be presented to the Senate and National Assembly.

The Bill will make it to a referendum if 24 of the 47 county assemblies supports it.

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