Nandi leaders differ publicly over Governor Sang development record.

Political undertone took the center stage during the burial of a prominent Nandi cane farmer Benjamin Tai in chemase on Wednesday.

The burial attended by six Nandi MPS and governor stephen sang was turned to political battle ground as leaders traded accusations over development achievements for the sitting government.

Nairobi based lawyer Allan kosgei kicked off the debete claiming that the Nandi county was suffering because of unfulfilled developments promises by some administration.

“Hatutaki porojo na story mingi bila kazi, hakuna dawa, barabara maji na maendeleo yote kwa jumla,”
(We don’t want alot of stories and propaganda at the moment we don’t have medicine, no passable road and supply of water, their is no development in nandi at all)

Nandi county assembly speaker Joshua kiptoo said that the county assembly has become a lame dark because they have been approving budget but their is nothing seen for the last three years.

Mosop mp Vincent tuwei and his counterpart julius meli, cornely serem and samson cherargei said the horse had bolted and challenged sang to give the Nandi people audit of his development achievements.

Governor sang defended himself by explaining different projects that he had accomplished like ECD constructions, improvement of health sector and many other projects to be accomplished before next financial year.

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