Nandi leaders defend DP William Ruto over alleged eviction from Karen residence.

Leaders from Nandi county have warned those who are planning to displace the Deputy President from his official residence in Karen.

Led by Senator Samson Cherargei, they said that the office of the deputy president should be respected since he was elected like the President as stated in the constitution.

“The constitution is very clear on the definition of the Deputy President’s office. It is sacrosanct and sacred and no one defy the law and kick out DP Ruto, holding a Substantively elected position with the head of the state”Said Cherargei.

The leaders also said that the constitutional amendments through BBI bill have been politicized with a section of leaders blocking other leaders from contributing to a better document.

” The citizens will be burdened with the cost of maintaining over 600 legislators. We might agree with some parts in the BBI but what are negatively affecting the common citizens are the points of contention that need to be relooked,” said Serem Aldai MP.

Tindiret Member of Parliament said that the government machineries used to intimidate the MCA’s and law makers to endorse BBI bill was undemocratic adding that the content of the proposal in the BBI do not capture the aspirations of Kenyans rather than the interest of the political class.

“We are greatful that the Nandi MCA’s shot down the bill, they did so to voice the position of the electorates without enticements and threats from the party leadership. We will still stand by the same position too in the national assembly once the BBI is brought to the house,” said Meli.

The leaders were speaking during the installation of the new parish in Holy Spirit Catholic church, Baraton.

Among the lawmakers attended include Mp Alfred Keter (Nandi hills), Mp Julius Meli (Tinderet), Mp Vincent Tuwei (Mosop), Mp Wilson Kogo (Chesumei), Mp Corneli Serem (Aldai) and ward representatives.

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