Nandi Governor asks frontline workers to take Covid-19 jab.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has urged all the frontline workers, including medical workers, to get Covid-19 vaccine saying the jab was safe.

Sang said since the health workers were in contact with many members of the public, they should take a lead in taking the vaccines.

The governor said over 250 individuals had been vaccinated noting that the vaccines were safe contrary to the fears being peddled that the jab was likely to cause complications including blood clotting.

Many countries including South Africa and Denmark among others have rejected the vaccines after it was established that there were cases of severe side effects.

Addressing press at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital after being vaccinated, Sang said the process of vaccinating frontline workers was ongoing.

“The process is smooth ongoing and we have plans to escalate the vaccination process beyond Kapsabet County Referral Hospital,” said Governor Sang.

Sang said he has taken the vaccine because he wanted to dispel the rumours that the vaccine was not good and to serve as an example as a leader who interacts with public frequently.

“We can confirm that the vaccine is safe. From all the vaccination that we have undertaken, none of them has experienced any unusual results and therefore I’m encouraging everybody who has been targeted as part of the team to be able to take the vaccine,” he said.

The governor also confirmed that the 83 cases of Covid-19 that were reported on Sunday were inmates from Kapsabet prison and not the cases within the local community.

He added that they are working to ensure that they contain the situation at the prison.

On her part County Executive Committee Member for Health Ruth Koech called upon the locals to follow the presidential directives to fight the disease.

“We must continue to follow precautions because the new strains spread way faster than the previous strain and we don’t know if another strain will come that can be more detrimental than what we have already seen,” said Koech.

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